People immigrate to rich countries and emigrate from poor ones. That may be a simplistic statement but the bottom line is that with the exceptions of certain professions based on helping poorer countries and/or exploiting them that is more or less how it works.  So why aren’t we pleased about people wanting to come to Britain in ever increasing numbers ?

Well some people are . The labour party under Blair was because it helped their voter base and it rubbed the right wing’s nose in it. It was hoped that they would be in power for ever without the public realising the real reason why. Well that didn’t work out too well did it? You can fool some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not anti immigration. The Americas were founded on immigration and they haven’t done too badly albeit their country is large enough to house the population without our problems of lack of space. They have their moments though and  an obsession with having guns amongst the most retarded of the population gives them a high death rate from lead poising by bullet.

We have done reasonably well from inward movement but I can understand the real concerns that flowed from unlimited immigration from the opening up of the EU and then various war zones from which people wish to escape.  For immigration to be a success there are certain essential long term matters that must be resolved.

You must have adequate housing, schooling, health care and jobs.

Housing is a problem for us because Britain is the most densely populated country in the EU. If you consider that Scotland has about 8 % of the population yet over 30% of the land mass that says it all about England and the south east in particular.  it isn’t just the problem of building enough housing but what land we lose building them and where that land is to be lost. In the meantime stories of immigrants getting preference for social housing over the native population did little to help the remain vote in the EU referendum.

Schooling is likewise a problem. If we are to believe them the teachers say there are too few of them, they are underpaid and they know best how to run the country. Stories abound of crowded classes including special classes to help children learn English owing to the fact they cant speak it at all don’t help. If the parents want to live here they really must either learn our language themselves or ensure that their children do. If they are to stay we must make sure that the children get the best education going . That costs money and we aren’t exactly flush with that just now after the massive cock up by our two big banks under Gordon Brown’s stewardship.

Health care is vital. The feeling one gets is that the Conservatives are wary of reform for fear of Labour’s scare tactics on the NHS so year on year in things allegedly get worse.  No one has the guts to say that 24 hour a day drinking is a disaster. My theory is to do with evolution and the transfer of human genes from one generation to another. Do you get sick of some wimpy MP apologising for our imperial past?  Often as not these disgraces to humanity are the next week saying we mustn’t mention the war to the Germans as it is in the past. After all look how loveable they are now having just let eight  hundred thousand illegal immigrants in to their country and shouldn’t the EU make every other country take a share even though they had no say in allowing them in. Our imperial past happened as it did for a variety of reasons of which one ironically was that Europe were so busy fighting each other we were left with the seas . However we were either instinctively or by habit warlike. It was how it was done and I believe copious amounts of alcohol were consumed especially on war ships prior to battle. I believe we were a nation of drunks. Nothing much has changed hence we really did need a gap each day when we couldn’t roam the streets pissed out of our skulls. When Angela was in hospital seven years ago for some months I went daily and Friday night and the weekend in A and E was a pleasure to see.  Seven years ago no one was left in the corridors on trolleys. Two years ago I want into A and E twice in two months and most of my time before I escaped was spent in corridors on a trolley. I didn’t really care a toss as all I wanted was for the pain killers to kick in and get home but the difference in availability in five years was startling.

Jobs are paramount. Stories abound of East European workers taking our jobs in parts of the country by working for less.  This puts many people on benefit and the workers from poorer old communist block countries not only undercut but send money out of the country and expect us to pay for their children back home. What a soft touch we have become.

Thanks to a number of factors we have not helped ourselves control the numbers coming here and this has wound people up  so they made their views clear on the 23rd June last. It is a pity as the original idea of a free trade area was good but has become a political dream for many in Europe. It is clear we don’t like the model and immigration was a major factor in the way the vote went as well as an imposition of regulations on us from Brussels many of which had nothing to do with creating a fair free trade area.

Do I have an answer you may ask. Good god how could I possibly know better than the has beens, never were and never will be in the hopefully one day soon to be abolished House of Lords ?

Am I a racist for being concerned. Possibly in some peoples’  mind in the same way that the House of has been Lords jeered Norman Tebbitt when he dared us the F word to describe people who weren’t British. What have we let ourselves become ?

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  1. antony singh Reply

    I think this article has a point however, the labels used to contain it will always mean that we are differentiating based on certain things such as where a man is born, or what colour he is or even further his start to life. Fundamentally, these are things we do not get a choice over. A land, a territory and even a home is only that when we can create peace and unity.

    I think that the world as is clear has finite resources and therefore control on immigration is important. However, this has to be balanced as foreigners such as the Asian Nurses who looked after my dad with love and care when he was dieing, the Italian waitresses that send you a feeling of being in Italy when eating out and the Indian cuisines and business men than help what is now a cosmopolitan economy flourish.

    Beyond where we are from – I think it is just as important to ask what value can you add. There needs to be a refocus from race or gender or country to skills and knowledge.

    You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    • David Englehart Post authorReply

      I believe that skills and knowledge are vital and the NHS is probably one of the best examples and certainly a better one than mere money which is a criteria often used in some countries.
      One of the problems of the EU is that if poorly trained nurses from the EU applied for a job as well as some highly trained ones from outside the EU ones got the job.
      When I was kept in A and E overnight two years ago after doing a poor imitation of a flying swan down the stairs at the office I got very little sleep. I had to ask for painkillers despite clearly having multiple fractures as the people on duty were all shouting and talking all night in some foreign language. There was a cupboard with blankets sheets or whatever in near me and this was never shut gently just slammed.
      There was in short a complete absence of patient care and it was clear that I was a nuisance to their social chatter. Fortunately Angela had gone home to get me some more clothes to replace those which had been cut off me at the office and restored a semblance of order.
      Overall though the influx of foreign staff to the NHS is good and essential and an input of skills and knowledge can only benefit us in the long run but we need to be able to select worldwide.

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