How to disagree

if we all found everybody equally attractive we would all be fighting over the same people as we would not be able to chose.

As it is we find different things appeal so although there is a lot of competition based on looks other aspects come into it and I have noted that often similar people are attracted to each other.

Given the relatively high divorce rate it could be said the system doesn’t always work but the fact is that two people teaming up are involved in a lottery. Often as not there are gremlins lurking in the background from childhood or adult life experiences and the ability of each person to both respect and help the other person come to terms with them will be the acid test.

As a child I spent a lot of time thinking about the world given I was left alone a lot and had few if any friends.

I wondered about man’s non stop wars and harm meted out on other being both human and animal.

War death and destruction were non-stop and the reasons preposterous by our thinking today.

There was always an excuse or reason and basically the conqueror could not agree to leave the conquered alone.

I noticed that often as not the persons responsible for starting the wars rarely exposed themselves to danger especially in modern times. So great wars were fought in which massive numbers died and suffered to satisfy someone else’s ambitions or revenge.

It is interesting to see the film the darkest hour when we were close to effectively giving in to Hitler without a fight on the basis that would have saved us what we went through. Had we done that I would not be here today as my biological father was an American in their air force. Neither would there be an EU unless the Germans gave the 26 states their freedom plus the rest of Europe which is not in the EU.

Today we are told that leaving the EU includes and Irish backstop and we must not consider a wall if we leave as the IRA may consider resorting to violence. Ireland is a foreign country by choice and that is how it should be. Northern Ireland can join them if the majority of them want it otherwise it remains a separate country and part of great Britain.

So we are being threatened to do as they say or else.

Well what hypocrites Europe is to use that as a weapon against us.

Quite fairly we are told not to mention the war against the Germans as that was at an end in 1946. The Irish grudges go back far further but as ever the English are fair game. We need to say that threats must not be made against us. Interestingly the EU keeps well out of any internal disputes of its member countries such as Spain and quite rightly too. So they should keep well out of the Irish issue and regrettably we have been too soft in dealing with them hence the public are well and truly pissed off with the whole Brexit joke.

Disputes should be settled by discussion not threats of renewed violence. It is too much to expect that to happen worldwide as we are in historic terms well away from leaving that sort of legacy.

Will it happen one day? I hope so although it is not happening at the pace I hoped for when I was young and idealistic.


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