Are all new jobs good jobs

For those of us who didn’t go to a university and get a degree in economics from a left wing professor I hope I don’t speak out of turn but do you find the different views on what is good for us economically somewhat confusing ?

One party tells us that since 2010 there have been loads of new jobs created in the private sector to compensate for a bit of a cull, my word there, in the public sector. The main opposition goes on about fake jobs, my words again not theirs’, by reference to zero hour contracts and self employed and generally look very unhappy every time some new positive employment figures come along. What I find odd is surely in a competitive and harsh world surely to create any work is good as the alternative is mass unemployment.

The economy seems to potter along with a bit more growth than most other EU countries but the Remainers are doing their level best to talk us down for personal reasons and all in all there is apparently a brave new world ahead which many would rather not have us in but would prefer we potter along with an organisation that shows signs of being past its for sale date due t a combination of the EURO  and protectionism. The left and the BBC love the expression populism as if it is some sort of disease you pick up in a pub car park after closing time doing a bit of dogging. In my innocence I think it is the people so despised by those in authority saying they want listening to. Wasn’t that supposed to be what democracy is or is it only OK when the masses vote as the politicians want them to and which vote fits in with their pathetic views on the modern curse of political correctness.

There is something that really puzzles me namely that if we import a vast amount more from the other 27 EU countries than they buy from us surely that means that far more of their jobs are dependant on us buying those goods than jobs in the UK are as a result of their purchase of our goods. Now I am sure that somewhere there is a brilliant response to that but I haven’t seen it yet. I have seen many responses but not one that explains how the ghastly self opinionated nothing people at the EU  actually see that panning out. I have heard some very sensible German car manufacturers be concerned as well as Belgium chocolate makers. Yes !! you read that right. The puffed up soon to be gone self important womanising French President talks of having to punish us ” pour encourage les autres”. Really. So he couldn’t  care a toss about the 25 million visits from UK nationals each year spending their holidays in France or the sales of cheese food and wine just to name a few items. Is the man a complete prat or does he just not get it that we got fed up with being told that they might unleash all the illegal immigrants at Calais on us ,that we must continue to pay a small fortune to keep small French farms going, and have imposed on us petty regulations made up by the representatives of 27 other countries of whom the combined population of the smallest 14 is less than ours.

So in short more jobs are dependant on us in the other 27 than we are dependant on them. It is to be hoped for the sake of the other 27 that those negotiating don’t have complexes centring around trying to prove how macho they are and recognise that we are a friendly trading nation who historically were outward looking trading worldwide whilst Europe was fighting in house wars on land . The commonwealth has a combined population of 2.3 billion or thereabouts. That represents about a third of the whole world’s people.

We now have a president of the USA who seems reasonably friendly to us as opposed to a succession of presidents who were more interested in sucking up to Germany and France and finding their Irish roots. Donald certainly doesn’t mince his words . He never has nor has he pretended he is a saint in his previous life. He has seen jobs taken away from the USA by a number of means not least the fact that labour is often cheaper elsewhere. This is something we are finding in the EU where jobs are being lost due to free movement of labour.

The Labour party found a large number of their supporters voted leave. Has it occurred to them to be really brutally honest and ask why and accept the unpalatable truth? Partially it seems but it doesn’t make pleasant reading as far from being convinced that being in the EU gives them valuable rights the point as the voters see it is what use are those rights if we have lost or will lose our jobs anyway to cheap labour from EU countries?

The assumption that a job is something for life which some countries try on is a joke. In a changing world jobs will change and new skills will have to be learnt so of course todays jobs are simply what is available today. It rests with politicians to so structure our country that we are able through the private sector to expand and provide goods and services that are required worldwide  which in turn will give us jobs and enable us to  have the money  to give our citizens the facilities which are essential.

The fact is that nothing is for nothing and we must create the climate  that  encourages risk takers and gives  them the support and environment to flourish in.  Even then jobs are never for ever. One must never sit back and relax.  Many a country has done that historically and paid a price so that we read their history and look now and think ”what on earth happened to them?”.

No doubt if I had gone to a university studied economics  and had the benefit of some left wing stuff I might have been given an answer. Whether it would have ben the right one is debateable.

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