the name sayitasitis appealed to my wife, Angela, who decided to buy the name to enable me to have some sort of hobby as opposed to work exercise and talking to my dogs.

So much of what we say or write nowadays is subject to a test of political correctness that the world has reached a state that if someone doesn’t like what someone else is saying or doing the PC brigade scream ” bigot, racist, homophobe, fascist pig ” or whatever else they can think of so as to stop whatever is being said or done without actually ever having to enter into a discussion on the matter in question.

If someone is dismissed it is because they are discriminated against because they are ” handicapped, black , foreign , gay , ” or any number of reasons apart from the fact that they are perhaps not up to the job.

How many white Anglo Saxons are not getting jobs or promotion because of misguided or cowardly use of PC criteria. What are their chances of redress? minimal to put it mildly.

We are all frightened of our shadows in case we say or do something to offend someone else.

It is wrong but we all know we aren’t going to change anything anytime soon although once we rekindle our close relationship with the Australians maybe there could be a chance that we can sayitasitis as we get to discuss matters with that country that believes in pain speaking.